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When seeking professional help it is important to specify the kind of support you need. Are your issues rather of a personal nature or do they also involve significant others and the way you relate with them?


If you are trying to understand or change certain issues, the privacy of individual therapy is a safe space to find your answers. Here you will contact with your own resources to handle your needs assertively in your daily life.

With your significant others

If your difficulties involve your partner or family, you will all benefit more by meeting together in couples or family therapy. As we review the motives for certain emotions and behaviours, this new understanding allows for relationships to improve.

Types of Therapy

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  • 45 min. session
  • flexible rates and discount vouchers


  • 90 min. session
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  • 90 min. session
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  • 60-120 min. session
  • flexible rates and discount vouchers

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy I combine the creative in depth techniques of Gestalt therapy with the mediating perspective of Contructivist Systems therapy. Depending on your needs and beliefs, I occasionally also work with alternative therapies as an additional support, in particular to ease anxiety and / or facilitate access to traumatic memories. This mix of therapies gives you a broader understanding of yourself and your situation. From the very first day of therapy onwards the incomprehensible begins to make sense, relieving the pressure and giving you space to breathe, so you can handle your present in a more coherent way.

Couple Therapy

My strong point in couples therapy is probably my intercultural background, both in my personal life growing up as an ex-pat and in my professional career. Cultural differences in ways of thinking and doing things gave me a broader, more flexible perspective. In couples therapy this multicultural perspective facilitates a respect for different value systems, without sacrificing one’s own needs and customs. Thus, differences can enrich a couple’s relationship.

Family Therapy

In family therapy I am one of the few professionals working with Constructivist Systems therapy in Spain. What fascinates me about this therapeutic method is its conciliatory approach to understanding the origin of the family conflicts. The particularity of family therapy is that although disputes are directed towards one or certain family members in particular, at an identity level they affect all members belonging to that family. Here lies the profound healing power of Constructivist Systems therapy, in its view of conflicts not as a cause in itself, but as a symptom of something undermining the family unity. To a great extent therapy consists in reinforcing the family values, that which all family members equally desire, to favour the security and rootedness granted by the sense of belonging.

Group Therapy

Joining a therapy group is an effective means of improving your social skills – how to express yourself, handle conflicts and set limits whilst understanding your own needs and those of others. The way you perceive your environment reveals a lot about your own sense of self, confidence and inner strength. In group therapy I combine the different therapeutic methods I work with, to improve these personal and interpersonal issues.

SThese groups are closed and meet on a weekly basis, thus providing a safe space of trust and of commitment both to your own personal growth and to the group.

The Maya Support Group

This group arose from my fascination with the Mayan philosophy. On a personal level, the Mayan culture’s attitude of life has significantly helped me overcome those inner struggles and frustrations which cause so much anxiety, while showing me how to listen to myself and identify my own rhythm and my own way of doing things. This is essentially what I transmit in the Maya Support Group.

These weekly gatherings are a space for participants to share their concerns and conflicts with family, with social networks and life in general, in order to find a new inspiration of how to deal with them.

My Workshops

These workshops arise from my desire to combine the two main areas I work with – consciousness and what I like to call the spirit. As you can see on my web, I am trained in two of the main psychotherapeutic schools focussing on the mind and awareness, but I also looked into several more spiritual methods, working with a quantum view of reality. The relationship between consciousness and the spirit has always intrigued me, which is why I want to explore their point of equilibrium. In my personal and professional experience I have seen how both approaches of the human being go hand in hand – on the one hand working with the energy field facilitates access to information blocked at an unconscious level, while analysing what has been energetically released during psychotherapy on the other hand ensures that the positive change is maintained over time.

For me the balance between consciousness and spirit are those rare moments when suddenly the present seems to expand to a timeless, luminous and crystal reality, while you feel intensely alive and in synchrony with the world around you. We have all experienced these moments of utter fulfilment. They tend to be very brief experiences, which quickly fade away in the daily rush. It is this intense experience that I want to facilitate in these workshops. And not for the sake of a whim, but because the more easily we can access this state of detached attention, the better we can face the daily challenges with that mental clarity which maximises our potential.

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