What’s your colour?

Weekly online workshop on emotional stability

Assigning a different colour to each of your emotions makes it so much easier to understand why you feel and act as you do.

What this workshop is about


  • This workshop is especially aimed as a tool to understand and manage your feelings and anxieties
  • It will enable you to create a kind of ‘mind map’ of your emotional turmoil, giving you a feeling of stability

Why this workshop

You will soon experience more clarity and certainty in dealing with your daily struggles, thus feeling more assertive and making more coherent choices

Module 1 - What’s your Colour?:


November 12th

Anxiety, stress and toxic thoughts

The impact of your thoughts on your emotions


November 19th

Depression vs. Motivation

Where does your motivation go when you’re in a depressive mood?


November 26th

Trust issues and the nature of relationships

Understanding the difference between self-control and confidence


December 3rd

Destructive vs. Constructive behaviours

The difference between being reactive and proactive

Module 2 - The Micro-level of Awareness


December 10th


Inner strength vs. lack of confidence


December 17th


Gratifying vs. Toxic communication – about manipulation and empty words.


January 14th

Abundance as a way of life:

Fulfilment in the silence – about sadness, fears and suicidal thoughts


January 21st

Your full potential:

Being active vs. impulsive – about accomplishing and celebrating your projects


These workshops are organised in six modules of four workshops each. You can either participate on-line on the specific dates (up to 15 English speaking participants) or watch the workshop off-line.


• Each workshop – 10 €
• Monthly bonus – 35 €
• Special 4€ discount for each friend you bring along
• First attendance for free


For more information and to confirm your assistance please contact me at:
679 764 908


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