What’s your colour?

Weekly online workshop on emotional stability

Assigning a different colour to each of your emotions makes it so much easier to understand why you feel and act as you do.

What this workshop is about


  • This workshop is especially aimed as a tool to understand and manage your feelings and anxieties
  • It will enable you to create a kind of ‘mind map’ of your emotional turmoil, giving you a feeling of stability

Why this workshop

You will soon experience more clarity and certainty in dealing with your daily struggles, thus feeling more assertive and making more coherent choices

Module 1 - What’s your Colour?:

Free introduction workshop: All Colours

April 26th, 20.00h

Start differentiating your feelings by colours


May 3rd, 20.00h

Anxiety, stress and toxic thoughts

The impact of your thoughts on your emotions


May 10th, 20.00h

Depression vs. Motivation

Where does your motivation go when you’re in a depressive mood?


May 17th, 20.00h

Trust issues and the nature of relationships

Understanding the difference between self-control and confidence


May 24th, 20.00h

Destructive vs. Constructive behaviours

The difference between being reactive and proactive


These workshops are organised in six modules of four workshops each. You can either participate on-line on the specific dates (up to 15 English speaking participants) or watch the workshop off-line.


• Each workshop – 10 €
• Monthly bonus – 35 €
• Special 4€ discount for each friend you bring along
• First attendance for free


For more information and to confirm your assistance please contact me at:
679 764 908

5 reviews for Workshop

  1. Vero

    What a source of cultural enrichment and spiritual growth. The seminar give another perspective on human behaviour and means to reach your maximum potential. Plus is full of symbolism and history. Rich and inspirational

  2. Natalia (verified owner)

    Every week I look forward to Elisabeth’s Colours Workshop. The sessions have allowed me to become aware of so many destructive emotions, thoughts, and behaviours that have become patterns in my life. I have also learnt how to get out of those destructive patterns by understanding what areas need attention. It’s also fascinating to learn about the history of these symbols. Very inspiring and a great way to pause and disconnect a bit from a busy week whilst growing on a personal level.

  3. SP (verified owner)

    This is an amazing and insightful course that I can honestly say has been life-changing – a really fascinating and engaging framework which helps you to connect your thoughts, feelings and actions within your own context. It has opened my mind, given me a deeper awareness and understanding of my “self” and helped me to practice and focus on positive daily self therapy.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    An incredibly immersive and guiding workshop, to help deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Thank you, Elisabeth, for giving us this gem!

  5. Suzanne (verified owner)

    The workshops are both illuminating and transforming. Elisabeth maintains a fine balance between sharing her vast knowledge and expertise and creating a secure space for self exploration and expression.

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