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Balance with alternative therapies

Just as humanistic psychotherapy liberates you from your unconscious limiting beliefs, for you to confidently contact with your full potential, the holistic action of alternative therapies is the ideal complement to release blockages at the level of the body’s cells, energy and soul.

Reinforcement with Alternative Therapies

If your search is of a more spiritual nature, or if you are sensitive to the energies around you, I have found that holistic therapies can complement your process in a very liberating manner. With their subtle, holistic mode of action, alternative therapies can alleviate the suffering of mind and soul. They do so by naturally releasing the emotional, spiritual, physical and electro-magnetic blockages, which consciousness cannot access.

If you share this holistic vision, I offer a series of alternative therapies to gain access to those memories held back in the unconscious, hindering or even preventing your progress in psychotherapy.

The benefits of combining Psychotherapy with alternative therapies goes both ways. On the one hand traumatic memories can be released, allowing us to to integrate them during latter psychotherapy. On the other hand, the beneficial effects of an energy healing session are maintained over time in a more stable way, by later talking about the experience, thus gaining insight into the emotional implications. In this way I believe that holistic alternative therapies, hand in hand with humanistic psychotherapy, enrich your therapeutic process.

Alternative therapies are respectful with your body. This means that your judgments and beliefs interfere with their non-aggressive action. As long as your belief system allows it, they can bring you the following benefits in your personal process:

  • Integration between consultations –  Mediterranean Flower Essences require a regular intake, which naturally leads you to remembering the issues raised during consultation, thus reinforcing the new mental attitude. Crystal therapy has the same effect every time you see the mineral, touch it in your pocket, etc.
  • Support in your therapeutic process – alternative therapies relieve and accelerate the overcoming of both psychic and soul suffering. Especially at the beginning of therapy or during the process of overcoming a trauma, they can give you the moral support you need to take that step which is causing you so much anxiety to make.
  • Release of blockages – Alternative therapies release emotional as well as spiritual, physical and electro-magnetic blockages, which at an unconscious level are preventing you from carrying out the changes you want.
  • Harmony –  One of the general beneficial effects of alternative therapies is that they bring harmony between your thoughts, your emotions, your body and your soul, whilst they have no side effects.


Theta is a state of deep relaxation, whereby the brain waves reprogram the subconscious. When we dream, we are in the Theta state.ThetaHealing allows you to consciously access this state and reorganise your thoughts in a coherent way. With this experience of empowerment you learn to distance yourself from your worries and  your need to control. Using this spiritual meditation I have observed very positive advances, especially in terms of mental clarity, motivation, trust, rooting and empowerment.

Mediterranean Flower Essences

Mediterranean Flower Essences are a natural healing method, based on the flowers’ curative power. They have a soft but deep action upon the electro-magnetic field of living creatures, releasing sensations and experiences buried in oblivion, thereby helping you understand the origin of unwanted thoughts and behaviours. These floral essences generate emotional, mental, spiritual and corporal balance. They also have the property of erasing traumatic information that is retained in the cellular memory, thus liberating you from the weight of the past and healing the potential diseases caused by that trauma. In my own experience, Mediterranean Flower essencespurify the soul.

Resonance Repatterning

With this therapeutic method based on kinesiology we can access subconscious information through the neuromuscular response, thus avoiding the distorting filter of reasoning and judgments. It is a quick way to identify and coach through specific problems, restoring the balance and coherence between your wishes, needs and obligations with specific therapeutic techniques. Gradually you will notice a positive change in your attitude towards problems and in your life in general.

Crystal therapy and Reiki

In times of great stress and anxiety, I sometimes combine these millennial healing methods to create harmony between mind, body and soul. In this way I reinforce your therapeutic process at an energetic level.


Transfer Factors (4Life)

Transfer Factor are dietary supplements with a curative effect on physical illnesses. Their body-friendly action has palliative effects for certain physical illnesses.

Therapy with animals and plants

If you have a pet you will already have noticed that these animals are sensible to your mood. Some studies show that on average house pets and domesticated animals get sick more often than animals living in wilderness. On an energetic level, one possible explanation is that they ‘absorb’ the ‘emotional toxicity’. They are thought to have a regulating function in the home ambience, which can sometimes trigger atypical symptoms or even diseases in them.

In these cases, the effect of Mediterranean Flower Essences, Reiki and Resonance Patterning is astonishing. Since animals do not rationalise as we do, the absence of judgments and distrust allows the healing qualities of these alternative therapies to act directly on their organism. With plants I have observed similar results, although their slower assimilation make the beneficial effects take longer to become visible.


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