Elisabeth Sigrist


Your perception of what is happening around you is a reflection of what is happening within you. When you change, everything around you changes.

Gestalt therapy

With the Gestalt focus on here and now, rather than thinking you feel the changes you need to make. Thus your emotions become the driving force to transform your situation.

Constructivist Systems therapy

Whenever you cannot change the way you feel or react to certain things, or you alway end up in the same situation, it usually has to do with an inherited pattern. Constructivist Systems therapy reveals these ‘hidden’ motives.

Get the most out of therapy

For therapy to be effective, it has to fit in with you and with your life

Near you

You can meet me in the center of Madrid and in the Northern area. I also offer online and in-home consultation.


I do therapy in English, German and Spanish. I am also fluent in Italian, French and Romanian.

Special Rates

Price is not an issue. I offer flexible rates to ensure cost does not stand in the way of your personal development


Depending on your needs and interests we can combine psychotherapy with alternative therapies, in order to ease your process.

Don’t postpone changing your life.

Contact me to resolve any doubts.

¿When does it make sense to start individual therapy?
If you feel your life has lost its excitement and has become a burden. If you are no longer creative in finding effective solutions, or you feel trapped in recurring situations or emotions. In case of anxiety, depression, loneliness, self esteem issues, communication problems, hyperactivity, lack of motivation, fears, overcoming grief, dissociative disorders, PTSD, psychosomatic symptoms, etc.
¿When is it advisable to attend couples therapy?
If your relationship has become stagnant or tainted with jealousy, fears and unfaithfulness. When instead of communication there is aggression and in the place of love there is dependence. If your sexual life is unsatisfactory. For toxic relationships, communication problems, etc.
¿When is family therapy convenient?
When communication is conflictive or the family unity is in danger. In times of change, such as a child’s entry into adolescence, the death of a significant person, unfaithfulness, separation or divorce, unemployment, etc. When the family of origin is excessively involved in the own family’s matters. In case of anorexia, bulimia, dissociative disorders, schizophrenia or psychotic episodes. Also for drug abuse or violence.

About me

I am a UK licenced psychologist. In Spain I specialised in Gestalt and Constructivist Systems therapy. Following my personal interest in holistic treatments, I also studied various alternative therapies. Since 2008 I work as an independent psychotherapist.

Combined psychotherapy

Combining Gestalt and Constructivist Systems therapy we achieve a deeper understanding of your existential issues than we would working with them separately – improving the way you relate to yourself, your family and the world around you. For when you understand why you are the way you are, you can start being the person you wish to be.

Reinforcement with Alternative therapies

My study of the Maya Calendar has granted me an integrative vision of life. Thus I combine various therapeutic methods to create balance between the different areas of the Self. ThetaHealing, Mediterranean Flower Essences, Crystal Therapy, Resonance Repatterning and Reiki are optional alternative therapies with which we can reinforce your personal growth.
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