Do you know that feeling when you’re constantly running around and yet there’s always more to do? When even in those rare moments of inactivity you can’t really relax and enjoy – you don’t really listen, don’t really acknowledge taht person you are with. This seems to be a commonplace feeling in our rushed society. We no longer own our own time!

What keeps us in this fast running train that has seems to have gotten out of control? We don’t even stop to think wether we are heading in the direction we truly want to? Personally I’ve reached that point where I’ve had enough and I’m ready to wake up from this collective nightmare. I feel I want to start living my own dreams instead of those brainwashed into my head by family pressures, social media and advertisement. Do yoou also want to strive for something greater than what you have settld down for?

The big challenge in order to succeed is to believe in yourself and in your ability to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t always come naturally, and for a good reason. How often do you pat yourself on the shoulder and say ‘well done’? How ofthen do you downplay your achievements as ‘not a big deal’, ‘not good enough’, ‘sheer luck’ or anything down that line. Now I want you to stop for a moment and thing about the things that are positive in your life. Can you think of any or are you too trapped in the above attitude…? Give yourself credit for all the good things you were able to achieve and maintain in your life.

The first thing in order to have a ‘good enough’ attitude is to accept that you cannot control everything. Things don’t usually turn out exactly the way you or anyone plans them. And that is the tricky part, letting go of your expectations, accepting things as they are, as they happen. A good way of overcoming the resulting feeling of uncertainty is with humour – just smile when what you’re actually getting is so different from what you had expected! Smile and be surprised at where it gets you to – if you hang in there long enough it will still get you where you wanted to be, but in a totally different way.
Once you experience time and time again that there are different ways to get to your goal, you start trusting your intuition – that little voice inside your head that’s always telling you which way to go and which to avoid. And the more intuitive you become, the less pressure you put on yourself. That’s when life becomes what I like to call ‘magical’, when you start improvising and making the best of any situation. It’s so much more fun to watch with amazement how things merge together, while actively observing and creating new possibilities, instead of getting frustrated with every alteration of the pre-established plan! When you allow life to surprise you, that’s when you are in touch with yourself and with the present moment. That’s when time and space seem to become flexible and you get to see the big picture – all the different alternatives simply pop up infront of you and you you feel you are dancingin sync with the world around you. You’ve gone beyond expectations, judgements and attachments, and you get to enjoy every moment, just as it is.

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